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Well-BEing Wednesday: My Stomach Has Its Own Ringtone

My stomach is loud as heck! LOL And it makes all kinds of noises, whether I am hungry or not. Gurgling, swooshing, rumbling – YOU NAME IT! It is extremely embarrassing, at times, because depending upon whether it is choosing soprano or bass the noise can sound a little suspect. I mean imagine sitting in a quiet office of two (or three), working peacefully and all of a sudden a sound of the earth rumbling comes from out of no where and every one in the office is like ‘oh my goodness, what is that!’ My bad, it’s just my stomach. SMH While that is an exaggeration in those quiet moments that is what it seems like.

For this reason, I had to have a meeting with my gut to find out what in the world is going on and how can I help? Do you have those types of meetings with your body when something is off? If not, you should because our bodies are always speaking we just have to be intentional and listen to what is being said. I started paying attention to what I was eating and how my body responded. Example: I would eat two Asian pears in the morning and about 30 minutes after, I would feel movement and hear gurgling. I began to explore the benefit of eating pears and found it to be packed with goodness and specifically gut goodness, hence all the noise. According to Healthy Living, pears contain insoluble fiber – sometimes referred to as “nature’s broom” – accounts for more than half of the fiber in an unpeeled Asian pear. This type of fiber absorbs water and helps sweep waste through your intestinal tract more efficiently. Getting enough insoluble fiber in your diet, when combined with an adequate fluid intake, helps your digestive system run smoothly and produce regular, easy-to-pass bowel movements. Staying regular can help prevent numerous bowel problems, including constipation and hemorrhoids. No wonder my stomach was making all that noise; it was putting in work LOL good work.

Pay more attention to what you are eating and how your body responds and then research and determine if what you are eating serves a purpose in your overall health and well-BEing… you would be surprised.

Also, I have found that a drop of DiGize essential oil in the belly button can do wonders for the belly. Try it and let me know 😉 ‘

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