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Meditation and Mantra Monday: I Am Responsible…

Ever stood back and looked around you and thought – WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON? Have you ever said – How did I get to this place? Why is there so much going on here? Where did all this craziness come from?

Guess what? What we create inside of ourselves, manifests outside of ourselves. If there is chaos and confusion in our mind and thoughts, it will show up in our closet, on our desk at work, in the car, how we interact with others…

Take a look around you, if you do not like what you see, go inward and change it. If greater is in you than what is in the world around you, go inward to greatness and change your reality.

Truth is desired in the inner parts and in those hidden places we shall know WISDOM, Psalm 51:6. That internal WISDOM will enable you to know how to handle the external.

Mantra: I am responsible for what I create and I choose to create greatness inside and out. ‘

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