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Meditation and Mantra Monday: Great Expectation

Have you ever expected something in LIFE and you wanted it to show up this way but it showed up another way? Yea, so that happens often and I think it’s for the best because it keeps us from putting ourselves and GOD in a box.

This realization is one that was reiterated for my family recently. See, we submitted a video for the Cancun Experience Officer search with This is an opportunity of lifetime for us to do what we love (creating videos, telling stories, and sharing experiences), while living, playing, and discovering Cancun. In doing this we have to basically market ourselves for votes. Our expectation was that support and votes would easily come one way; however, our support and votes have consistently come from unexpected places, ones we were not expecting. If we boxed ourselves in to what we expected, we may not be where we are today in the process; however, we understand the importance of flexibility. By being open, we allow LIFE to flow as needed for our greatest good.

This is what I want you to remember today and during this new week – anything is possible when we take the limits off.

Mantra: I am expecting great things to happen in my life today and I am open to receive how GOD provides.

I you would like to view our video and vote for my family and I, click here. ‘

4 thoughts on “Meditation and Mantra Monday: Great Expectation”

  1. This is so true and I must say I have experienced also where my “expectations “ have come in forms I rarely saw coming. The simply truth of just ALLOWING life to flow as it should has given me so much more peace.

    By the way… I’m loving how things are unfolding for you and your family for the experience!! It gets me so excited and truly grateful to see how you all are putting yourself out there! It’s beautiful 😍

    1. GOD’s love is truly amazing for us and in us. This was definitely a BRAVE move and we have been trusting GOD every step of the way. We have a story to tell for sure!
      Love to you all 🙂

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