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Meet Me

Where do I begin in expressing the LOVE, gratitude and appreciation I have for those who trust me to journey with them in growth, healing and self-discovery? I have been DIVINELY purposed to guide and support healing, growth and restoration – mind, body and spirit. This is why I am here. My PASSION is to ASK, ASSIST, ACTIVATE and ADMONISH. I ask the questions that lead to healing; assist you in experiencing calm, relaxation and focus; activate the light of self-awareness; and admonish you to walk in the fullness of who you are.

I specialize in essential oils, meditation education, and well-BEing advocacy. I assist many people in learning methods that support self-care & love, tapping into their inner peace and creating plans which promote thought and behavior modification. I am excited to expand with each of you and assist in your learning and growth.

Thank you so much for your continued LOVE and support.