who is your plant-based bff?

To sum her up, Khadijah is ever evolving into all she is: wife, mommy, international wellness advocate, meditation and breathwork guide, blogger, educator, public speaker and a gut-checking, oily, plant-based, meditating foodie,  who is honored to help many people as they endeavor to live a quality life. She enjoys laughter, reading, acting, traveling, eating hearty meals, flipping tires and sipping organic tea (coffee).

Khadijah has always known that her assignment is to help people. She was not always sure what that would look like but the desire to see people be their best self has always been in her. Khadijah attended university for a degree in psychology in order to become a therapist; however, along the journey she discovered that there are many components to what goes on in one’s head and body and decided to explore that connection. She is one who loves to learn and research. She holds a BA Psychology.

Also, Khadijah and her family host an international podcast, Another One, which can be found in iTunes and GooglePlay. As a wellness advocate, Khadijah, provides consultations regarding food options, essential oils, and meditation. You are more than welcome to reach out for a consultation or have her speak at your event. Khadijah is your ultimate plant-based and wellness bff.

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Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program or dietary changes.