Consultations Topics 

Well-BEing Guidance

Meditation Guidance

Make an investment in you. Book a consultation and we will discuss your desires, course of action and determine if we are a ‘good fit’.

Well-BEing Guidance


Are you finding it a bit of a challenge to meet your well-being goals?

Let’s chat. Here are some of the areas I specialize in:

  1. Finding the symmetry of health and well-being — mind, body, spirit
  2. Plant Based Nutrition options
  3. Meditation guidance and education
  4. Affirmations
  5. Essential oils
  6. Accountability (we all need it, right 😉 )
  7. Thought and behavior modification options

As your guide I will talk with you, draft a course of action, have weekly check-ins, e-mail correspondence and support along your journey.

Meditation Guidance 

Meditation has been known to:

  1. Relieve stress
  2. Increase cognitive skills and creative thinking
  3. Enhance awareness
  4. Improve the flow of energy
  5. Decrease worry
  6. Bring your mind, body, and spirit in harmony
  7. Help you develop a closer relationship with God
  8. Expand focus

If you are ready to explore the exhilarating experience and bountiful blessings of meditation for yourself, I welcome you to reserve a meditation session with me.

During our time, I will guide you through a meditation to calm and ease your mind and assist you in creating intentions for your life. This is your time and you will select the concerns you would like to work through and the intentions you would like to establish.

Sessions are 30 minutes.

Meatless Meal Plan 

Have you been contemplating living on the edge and eliminating meat and meat products from your diet? Have you eagerly wanted to transition to a plant-based diet? But you just don’t know where to start… well you are here and I am able so let’s make your meatless dreams come true.

Let’s chat about your transition and how I can support your process. I will design a meal plan option for you that will aid in getting your meat-free life started with ease. Select a 7-day plan to be crafted for you after our consultation. Plans include detailed recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as tasty snack options.

Please know that Khadijah RBz endeavors to create a safe, nonjudgmental space for you to share and grow.