Khadijah has always 
known that her assignment was 
to help people 

She was not always sure what that would look like but the desire to see people be their best self has always been in her.


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Generous Love – A Review

…this book on the tail-end of the #GOGIVELOVE initiative was confirmation that traveling the US to give back and BE the goodness and love we want to see, was meant to happen for TeamBz.

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Meditation and Mantra Monday: UNIQUE

It is so easy to want to compare ourselves to others. And the more we do this the less we see our value and uniqueness.

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Khadijah’s Journey featured on Plant Powered Sistas

You are worth the effort to change your eating lifestyle. You are worth every dollar you spend to be your best self. You are worth feeling alive because you are eating living foods. You are worth being healthy and whole. (Heck, you are even worth the frustration you may feel at times because it will only make you better!)

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