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Dear Martin – My Thoughts
I will never give the story away because I want you to read and feel through your own heart and
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Snack Like an Herbivore
There is nothing like a good snack and when transitioning to an animal-free diet it is good to know what
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Take it Slow and Easy
Don't worry about whether you did it right or wrong because there is no wrong. If you took the time
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A$$ You Assume
My mom used to say that when you assume, you make an a$$ of yourself. As a young one, I
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Eating Vegan – Get Outta the Box
Who in the world created these boxes and more importantly why do we feel we have to stay in them. Especially when it
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Get Somewhere and ‘SAT’ Down
Did you ever have a family member or loved one tell you to ‘get somewhere and sat down‘? You know
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I’ve had the opportunity to engage with Khadijah in an advisory and an occupational setting. She is full of love, positive energy, and committed to doing whatever she is able to do for anyone in need. She embodies a wealth of knowledge. She upholds an attitude that lacks judgement. She is inseparable from her honesty. Her genuineness is a rarity. Her understanding of holistic well-being proves that she is a credible force for advocating wellness. 


I am so grateful to have Khadijah in my life. She is not just concerned about the outward but her goal is to make sure that you are good holistically. I shared with her some of my goals health wise; and in turn, my goals became hers. She tailor-made a plan for me and actively participated in my journey to wholeness. My doctor told me I was going to have to take blood pressure medication BUT with the help of Khadijah, implementing a reasonable exercise regimen and personalized meal plan suggestions, I was able to regulate my blood pressure in a 2 month timespan. She helped me see that my life was mine for the taking and change can occur once I had a made up mind. Forever grateful!


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