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Shots and Things
Have you ever had a shot? Like a liquid shot that you drink really quickly. Well, I have. I have
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Declare It!
Some days we have to be reminded that we are loved. We can get caught up in all that we
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My Prayer for You
I am excited about all the information I will be sharing throughout the year. In addition, I will be offering
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Taraji Speaks, Let’s Listen
It is never good to hear that your health is at risk in order to make lifestyle changes; however, oftentimes
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Trash Can on the side of the street with Khadijahs face on it
You are NOT a Trash Can
When we accept the lies people tell us about ourselves or eat foods that hold no life value, we are
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Make it Quick and Easy
Beans, beans, beans, beans! Don’t click away. The beans worked for Jack growing that beanstalk and beans will work for
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I’ve had the opportunity to engage with Khadijah in an advisory and an occupational setting. She is full of love, positive energy, and committed to doing whatever she is able to do for anyone in need. She embodies a wealth of knowledge. She upholds an attitude that lacks judgement. She is inseparable from her honesty. Her genuineness is a rarity. Her understanding of holistic well-being proves that she is a credible force for advocating wellness. 


I am so grateful to have Khadijah in my life. She is not just concerned about the outward but her goal is to make sure that you are good holistically. I shared with her some of my goals health wise; and in turn, my goals became hers. She tailor-made a plan for me and actively participated in my journey to wholeness. My doctor told me I was going to have to take blood pressure medication BUT with the help of Khadijah, implementing a reasonable exercise regimen and personalized meal plan suggestions, I was able to regulate my blood pressure in a 2 month timespan. She helped me see that my life was mine for the taking and change can occur once I had a made up mind. Forever grateful!


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