An American Marriage – My Thoughts
"Love makes a place in your life, it makes a place for itself in your bed. Invisibly, it makes a
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Meditation and Mantra Monday: UNIQUE
It is so easy to want to compare ourselves to others. And the more we do this the less we
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Khadijah’s Journey featured on Plant Powered Sistas
You are worth the effort to change your eating lifestyle. You are worth every dollar you spend to be your
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Well-BEing Wednesday: Gimmie that Green Wata
I love green. The color and food. Green colored foods are good for our bodies for numerous reasons...
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Meditation and Mantra Monday: What is in Your Heart
Dig deep into your heart and begin to discover what is there - the good, the bad and the ugly.
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I’ve had the opportunity to engage with Khadijah in an advisory and an occupational setting. She is full of love, positive energy, and committed to doing whatever she is able to do for anyone in need. She embodies a wealth of knowledge. She upholds an attitude that lacks judgement. She is inseparable from her honesty. Her genuineness is a rarity. Her understanding of holistic well-being proves that she is a credible force for advocating wellness. 


I am so grateful to have Khadijah in my life. She is not just concerned about the outward but her goal is to make sure that you are good holistically. I shared with her some of my goals health wise; and in turn, my goals became hers. She tailor-made a plan for me and actively participated in my journey to wholeness. My doctor told me I was going to have to take blood pressure medication BUT with the help of Khadijah, implementing a reasonable exercise regimen and personalized meal plan suggestions, I was able to regulate my blood pressure in a 2 month timespan. She helped me see that my life was mine for the taking and change can occur once I had a made up mind. Forever grateful!


  • i absolutely love to read there are so many books
  • how can we fully express and give love to others
  • lets take a journey together a journey of discovery discovering
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  • may your smile light a room and your LOVE blaze
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