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Snack Like an Herbivore

There is nothing like a good snack and when transitioning to an animal-free diet it is good to know what your options are. Check out some of my favorites.

Eating Vegan – Get Outta the Box

Who in the world created these boxes and more importantly why do we feel we have to stay in them. Especially when it comes to what we eat and the desire to break out…

Vegan Frittata

…I read the box, checked the ingredients and decided to try it, Foodies Potato Parsley Vegan Frittata.

Khadijah’s Journey featured on Plant Powered Sistas

You are worth the effort to change your eating lifestyle. You are worth every dollar you spend to be your best self. You are worth feeling alive because you are eating living foods. You are worth being healthy and whole. (Heck, you are even worth the frustration you may feel at times because it will only make you better!)