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What YOUR Health

The buzz of ‘What the Health’ has been (imo) amazing. So many people have become more aware of the food industry and are endeavoring to make better food choices for their health and the health of their families – and that my friends is GRRRREEEAAATTT! HOWEVER, many people are jumping on the vegan bandwagon without doing adequate research or exploring what options will work best for their bodies. And guess what that leads to – FRUSTRATION. When the frustration sets in you are no longer excited about the goodness of a vegan life and many often revert back to what they know – MEAT. I don’t want that to be your story, so if you are contemplating a vegan lifestyle determine what you wanna do because there are many levels to this ish…

There are a few blog posts that will help you with your research – check them out – 1, 2, 3.

In addition, consider if you have any health concerns, if so what are they and what foods will aid in ensuring you have the nutrients needed to heal. Ask yourself what type of vegan lifestyle are you trying to live – plant-based or junk food. Are you looking to replace meat with faux meat options or are you looking to heal yourself?? Just because one takes on a vegan lifestyle does not mean they are healthy, read here for more info. Also, consider that there are so many ways you can eliminate meat, find what works for you – fruitarian, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, raw-food vegan, plant-based vegan, junk food vegan, etc… etc… etc… I have explored all of these options with the exception of junk-food, since realizing the importance of the foods I eat I try to be mindful of what I ingest. IMO that is the first step, becoming more aware of what you are eating.

Take eating vegan one day at a time and do your research. Yes, eliminating meat from your life is a good choice but if you choose to replace it with chemically laden meat substitutes you are still doing yourself an injustice. If you need help with your transition feel free to e-mail me: [email protected] and book a consultation.

Have you watched ‘What the Health’ or explored the vegan lifestyle, comment below and share.

*imo – in my opinion
**The information shared in this article is for educational purposes. It is not to diagnose or treat any illness. As the reader please do your own research (reference the links included), in order to make informed decisions about YOUR health and wellness. ‘

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