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For the Record…

All vegans are not healthy.

There I said it. And believe it or not, it is true. Although the abstinence of meat is better for the body, if you are not making wise food choices your health is not improving.

Many people elect to go vegan to save the planet and / or spare the lives of precious animals, which is greatly appreciated; however, little research is done and there is just a replacement of meat with processed substitutes laden with additives, chemicals, and other toxic fillers that are just as harmful as (and in some cases moreso than) meat. [Do you know the effects of butylated hydroxyanisole, butylated hydroxytoluene, sodium nitrite, nitrate, brominated vegetable oil, genetically modified organisms, monosodium glutamate (MSG) and so many others??!!??!]

As a melaninated, plant-based, wellness advocate (yes to ALL of that) I enjoy helping to dispel myths about the herbivore lifestyle. For example: The elitist attitude that being a vegan automatically equals healthy. That is a bunch of crock. The TRUTH: being a mindful eater who is intentional about what goes in your mouth is what contributes to improved health.

Whether you are a carnivore or an herbivore if your food choices are primarily processed and packaged then you will not sufficiently get ahead on the quest of health and wellness. A person who consumes junk food as their source of sustenance are at risk for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, headaches, inflammation, and numerous other issues regardless of whether or not they eat meat. Is the risk for one greater than the other – you be the judge. The consumption of meat, particularly red and processed meat — such as hot dogs, lunch meat, canned meat — has been linked to heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, obesity, certain cancers, and earlier death. Diets high in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans can help prevent these diseases and promote health in a variety of ways (John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health).

Know that when foods are processed the nutrients and fiber are removed leaving it with little to no nutrient value. In addition, the use of the artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, in junk foods and drinks has been linked to neurological and behavioral disturbances in those who are sensitive. Any of these ingredients can be found in vegan and non-vegan foods. So the thought that all vegans and vegan food is healthy is FALSE.

I have said this before and will repeat:a plant-based, vegan diet is where one can benefit the most. This type of eating style is primarily free of cholesterol and saturated animal fats. Feel free to do some research because there is a wealth of evidence which suggests and supports that a plant-based diet may protect against, help manage and even reverse heart disease. According to several studies, heart disease has been found to be almost non-existent in populations eating a diet centered around whole plant foods. The operative theme here is a foundation of whole plant foods.

While, I applaud those who make the decision to and practice the discipline of living without animal products, the assumption that this decision alone is the key to health is wrong – don’t be fooled. Do your due diligence and make choices that will contribute to life.

The information shared in this article is for educational purposes. It is not to diagnose or treat any illness. As the reader please do your own research (reference the links included), in order to make informed decisions about YOUR health and wellness.

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