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Let the Adventures Begin

Well, the team is packed, loaded and ready for take off. The last week as been action packed. And as I sit in the airport (hours ahead of schedule), I realize how tired and anxious I am. Over the last few days I think we ALL have experienced emotional highs, lows and all the twists in between; however, we wouldn’t trade it, at least I wouldn’t because it is bringing us closer to the manifestation of our #LeapOfFaith. In the last week we have celebrated my life day and lost our PopPop, have lived from our suitcases with various family and experienced the joy and sadness of goodbye…

I am sure there will be lots of growth opportunities during this leg of the journey and we want to share them. My family and I want you to be a part of the ride, so be sure and subscribe to our channel and stay connected.

#TeamBzLeapOfFaith ‘

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