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Keeping it Moving

The seclusion of our house allows for some quiet moments and beautiful views. However, we do not have access to a gym right across the parking lot, as we did in the states, therefore we have to be very intentional about our workouts.

Some of the ways we stay active are: walking the mountains, running sprints (in the driveway and up the mountains) jumping rope, and calisthenics. I also brought a few workout DVDs, which I have not used yet because I am enjoying outdoor activity.

In addition, I roll out my yoga mat and practice a few poses and also meditate. I apply some citronella essential oil to ward off the bugs and dab a little frankincense or grounding oil for mental ease and get focused.

Check out some of what we do in the video below.

How do you stay active when you do not have access to a gym? Share in the comments and maybe I can incorporate your suggestions in a future workout.


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