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On This Mountain…

Today, as I sit and look out at the vast beauty of the mountains of Costa Rica, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. GOD’s creation is simply breath-taking. This is our last day at this location and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to be here. To be in this country, one that I have never experienced and living life wholly and completely by faith. Our home for the last 30 days was faith. We had never seen it, did not know anything about it other than what we read and what the property owners shared with us. Upon arrival I was truly amazed by the beauty that was before me but quickly realized that beauty was with a price – isn’t it always?

On this mountain I have laughed, cried, yelled… felt so many emotions.
On this mountain I have affirmed myself, questioned myself and learned to love myself (anew).
On this mountain I have inhaled the newness of life and exhaled the stagnation of unfulfilled living.
On this mountain I have found my voice. It was buried deep and some days it is a whisper but the words are heard – mainly by me because I matter.
On this mountain I have confronted fears, whether it was of a bug, dog or a memory, I faced it. Now, while I am not interested in being inundated with dogs and critters, I know I have the grace to deal with them because whether they irritate me or not they have a place and a purpose.

I think that was my biggest reminder being here – EVERYTHING HAS A PURPOSE, regardless of whether it serves MY, YOUR, OUR purpose. Often we discount people, situations and / or things because we do not have a use for them but LIFE is bigger than us and there is a purpose for EVERY. THING under the sun. (and, yes Khadijah, that includes those pesky flying bugs that seem to ALWAYS find you). One of our first nights here, we were overcome with ants. BIG BLACK ANTS. These ants were coming under the door and were in what seemed like a line. I couldn’t even get myself together, it was too much! Rich worked diligently to get rid of them, redirecting their path. A couple days later we found out that they were army ants and their job is to get rid of dead bugs. That is their purpose. We were told they come in, as if on a mission, clean up and leave. We were astounded – who knew?!? While, we were irritated by their arrival and presence, they were on a mission that ultimately would have been helpful to us. Lesson learned. What has been in an irritant in your life, causing you to miss its purpose?

And like those ants, emotions can be pesky creepers also. Showing up when you least expect them causing you to be AWARE. I have had to be aware. Aware of things i have overlooked for years, Aware of how people and situations have REALLY affected me. Aware of the courage I have to release all that no longer serves a purpose in my life and lovingly letting it go….  Although processing through emotions is not an easy task or even one we like to deal with – I know I can – and isn’t knowing half the battle (at least it is according to GI Joe, right?).

So needless to say, this here mountain-top will never be the same, nor will I and the journey has just beginning. All is well.

For all these things, I give thanks and look forward with LOVE to the goodness that lies ahead. What has LIFE taught you through ‘simple situations’? Share in the comments below. I look forward to reading about them:)

Also, be sure and follow our journey as a family we are VLOGGING it. ‘

6 thoughts on “On This Mountain…”

  1. My sister my sister my sister! I am so so so in the same boat you are. Since our move to the country my big free life has changed 100%. Not only do I deal with wasps, bees, and ants lizards have been added to my plate of grace. The Lord clearly spoke to me about their purpose on this earth as well.

    This awakening has come with great resistance however you have given me the courage to not only face the fear of bugs and basically anything that creeps and crawls on the earth. I look at your posts everyday and say to myself if she can do it so can I. Love you sweet pea.

    1. listen, these bugs will take you to some levels of patience and resistance. i am not welcoing them with open arms lol but i am a little more tolerant. but there is this one type of flying bug that is trying my patience – maybe i need to find out its purpose lol

      thank you for reading and commenting. you are more than capable of handling whatever comes your way 😉

      love you much!!

  2. You are Free! Free to Love, Free to Explore, Free to Be… Just Free. Free to Trust, Free to Feel, Free to Fall, Free to Believe. You are simply Free and when you are Free He can present all things to you without hesitation and you will be ready to receive. On that Mountain you built hope that He has not failed you yet, your hope is in His Love. Stand on the mountain of promises, experiences and the Rock of creation dear. Look out, for as far as your eyes can see is yours and another opportunity to practice being Free! – Cinn

    1. oh the freedom of being free – and that my friend is what i am, free!
      i appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. i am giving thanks for your words.
      may we continue to BE, free.
      much love to you!

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