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Eating in Costa Rica

fruit from mercado

We have made it to Central America and are settled in at our new home. Our house is very secluded, yet surrounded by many cows, lots of birds and an enormous amount of creepers. The nearest SuperMercado is about a 25 minute drive into town and has, for the most part, many ‘American’ treats. The thing is who wants to have what you have always had, when you can try new stuff?!?!! On our way home from the airport we stopped at the market and picked up a few items including rice, beans, cabbage, potatoes, papaya, plums, plantain chips, etc… For dinner our first night here, I prepared black beans, rice and cabbage and it was delicious! We ate until stuffed, relaxed a little, then went to bed.

Our first two days here Khaiyah (my daughter) and I fasted, so we drank water and had ginger tea. For the others I prepared potatoes for breakfast and added leftover black beans. Beans and rice is a staple for the ticos (locals), this is a meal that is very common and is often found in the Sodas (local restaurants). We had the opportunity to visit a Soda our first week here and our meal consisted of red beans, rice, plantains, and ensalada (and I think the team would agree that is was muy rico – which we are told is the highest compliment you can give a meal here). We ensured we told our server, ‘no carne por favor’. Spanish is extremely important as it is the primary language here.

meal from the soda (rice, beans, plantains and en salada)

ensalada with mango and red pepper dressing

Regardless of where you call home, the key is to take what you have access to and make the best of it. For example, I am preparing potatoes and chayote with ensalada in a mango and red pepper dressing. Because I am choosing to be raw, it is obvious what I shall be eating but I am keeping the family rooted with some potatoes and chayote. Take a look at the pics below of some of our meals and the delicious fruit we have obtained since being here. The property owners have a banana tree and have given us some absolutely delicious bananas. They are sweeter, smaller and more succulent than any I have had in the states. In addition to the banana tree there are lime, orange and avocado (which has not matured yet) trees. The oranges here are green on the outside and orange inside and have a tangy sweet taste. The limes are super limey, the taste is very tart and distinct but they are so good. Papaya here melts in your mouth, which is why I am enjoying it so much. I liked papaya in the states but that has nothing on what I have had here so far. The fruit and veggies are very flavor-filled.

papaya and banana

When I decided to break the fast, I ate papaya and bananas, which was an absolutely filling and tasty meal, not to mention healthy.

I have decided that I will eat fruit and veggies for breakfast, lunch and snack and then have dinner with the fam. This will allow me to enjoy my raw vegan life for at least 75% of my meals.




Have questions or meal requests let me know! Interested in starting your own vegan journey and need help? Let’s talk.
Comment below and let me know your thoughts about eating in Costa Rica. Have you ever visited? What did you eat?
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4 thoughts on “Eating in Costa Rica”

  1. It’s exciting to hear how the culture allows us to experience the differences that life has for us. It’s not until you travel outside of your zip code, area code, or comfort zone that you see the many wonderful and tasteful items the God has to offer to those who are will to partake. Keep us enlighten on your travels. It’s just like being there with you.

    Thank you

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