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Your Gut Matters

An aspect of health that is very important but often under-cared for is INTESTINAL health [gut health, GI health]. Our gut works hard and takes such good care of us, yet it receives the least amount of love. We are aware of heart health and lung health, breast health and prostate health – while ALL of these are important if we LOVE on our gut [and liver] those other areas will have the support needed to function.

Gut health is so important to me that I completed one of my senior projects in college on GUT HEALTH and my major was psychology. The connection between what we eat and how we behave is something I have been exploring for a while now. For this reason I have been sharing info via my Facebook Page – Khadijah RBz Wellness Advocate. I began to delve into this area of health when it seemed like I could not find the answers I needed to improve my health. It seemed like I offered many random theories but no answers regarding why my body was not ‘up-to-parr’. I prayed and began looking for guidance regarding healing. I researched, asked questions, tested this and tested that in an effort to ‘get better’… and today I am healing. Healing is a process filled  I am well and BEcoming my best self every day. I started out as a champion for myself and today I advocate for many others.

There are so many correlations to the food we eat and how we feel and / or behave. Many people do not realize that some gut issues contribute to depression, impulsivity and other behavioral and mental health concerns. While, I am not a doctor, I am a wellness advocate, who researches and shares information that will aid you in making wise choices for your well-BEing. I am a champion for you, as you journey to BEing your best self – mind, body and spirit.

Head over to Facebook and check out some of the nuggets I am dropping about gut health and share it with a friend. Knowledge is not meant to be buried or concealed from others, it is meant to be shared… let’s share 🙂

sample of FB post

sample of FB post

Do you have any questions about gut health? Yes, I do talk about poop! I will answer that straight away. ‘

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