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Diverse Perspectives

***this post is written in my signature social media and text fashion, as i was typing this at 4:44 a.m. on my phone.***

you can take two ppl and put them in the same room.
what they see in that room… what they do in that room is going to be different based on their perspective and their purpose.
if one person is in that room because they are a custodian, what stands out to them is going to be different than someone who is there to do electrical work.
if one person is there to find a mate and the other is happily married, what they walk away with will not be the same…

on this journey of life we are all in certain spaces, at certain times, for certain reasons. what speaks to one person while in that space, may not speak to another; however, whatever is gathered speaks to each person’s unique and individual purpose.

when we walk confidently in who we are and what we have been purposed for, we are able to embrace the beauty of diverse perspectives knowing there is something we can learn from every vantage point.

no one lesson or perspective is greater than the other because each encourages growth and strengthens us for own path in life.

may we take what we need from the space we are in to complete our own journey without comparing and contrasting what others are gathering for theirs [whether it is a spouse, friend, sibling, co-worker, or a random person]. 

affirmation: i am focused and committed to my journey and i freely give grace and love to others as they advance on theirs.

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