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You are NOT a Trash Can

Trash Can on the side of the street with Khadijahs face on it

Regardless of what many have been told or even think, you are NOT a trash can. You are not a receptacle of people’s negativity. The trash that others throw out with their words, is not yours for the taking, do not take ownership of that. Furthermore, your digestive tract was not created with the intent of throwing whatever in it and letting it putrefy. The same way we are mindful of what wastes we put in our indoor trash bin or down the drain, we MUST be mindful of what we put in our bodies.

We are in constant communication with our selves – consciously and unconsciously. Each moment we are speaking to our cells, causing them to thrive or diminish. We create an environment of health and wellness by how we treat our bodies, by the thoughts we think and the actions we take. When we accept the lies people tell us about ourselves or eat foods that hold no life value, we are treating our selves like nothing more than a wastebasket, settling for the droppings we find along the way.

You are more than the droppings. You are more than the thoughts that say you are not good enough. You are worth more than a 1$ burger. You are more than what you thought was failure. You are so much more!

You are a treasure chest filled with bountiful potential, brilliant light and boundless LOVE. You are greatness birthing greatness. You are all things well and worth every organic fruit there is.

Love yourself by thinking and speaking well of yourself. Example: Stop saying you are crazy! You may think it is a ‘cool’ thing to be ‘crazy’ but when your cells are aligning theirselves to support mentally unstable behavior it won’t be so cool. Stop saying ‘this is just how I am’… why? Because we have more power than we give ourselves credit for and a lot of times we are speaking and behaving from a place of fear. The fear of how change may look or feel. The fear of acceptance.

You are not a trash can. You are the goodness of all that is. Eat well (mind, body, spirit) and LIVE! ‘

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