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Meditation and Mantra Monday: What is in Your Heart

How many times have you said, “I would love to but…” or “It would be nice if I could but…” And so instead of doing what is in your heart to do for your greater good, you push it aside and BUT wins. Now, we all have those I would love to moments and all of them are not the best for us, so when you have the thought – is it a burning desire? Is it a thought that you have repeatedly? To put things into perspective… ask:

Is this going to contribute to me being my best self?
Will this desire contribute to helping others in some way?
Will doing this push me out of my comfort zone? Is this a leap of faith?
Does this desire align with my purpose?

Yes, to these questions confirms your desire may be divine and you should go inward for answers and direction. We often think that these desires come out of no where and may not be what we need to do; however, all things begin in the heart. Seeds were placed within us that grow in season. As we traipse through LIFE discovering who we are the seeds are watered and begin to grow. When it is time the fruit presses upon our heart as gentle nudges. The BUTs are the weeds that try to take the fruit out.

Dig deep into your heart and begin to discover what is there – the good, the bad and the ugly. By doing this you free up space so the good fruit can grow and the TRUTH of YOU emerges.

Mantra: I am discovering the TRUTH of who I am.

(Repeat this throughout your day and pay attention to what you discover and write it down, make not of it. Some of it may not be cute but all of it is necessary. Let’s be great!) ‘

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