Ep 22: Gratitude

Declare It with Khadijah RBz

Gratitude is a state of thankfulness; a readiness to show appreciation. Living from this place opens the door for more opportunities of gratitude to flow to you. What we focus on grows; therefore, if we focus on what we are grateful for and what we appreciate, opportunities to be thankful and show appreciation will show up. … Read moreEp 22: Gratitude

Ep 21: Unlearning

Declare It with Khadijah RBz

One of the most challenging things is unlearning the crap and nonsense that we pick up over time and in this episode we are going to talk about it.

Ep 17: Men Have a Voice (Part 5)

Justin Smith is  a  dedicated  school  administrator  with  15  years  of  experience  in  education. He  attended  North  Carolina  State  University  and  earned  a  Bachelor  of  Arts  degree  in  History  Education.  After  graduating  he  began  his  teaching  career  in  Raleigh,  NC. In  August  of  2010  he  accepted  the  prestigious  North  Carolina  Principal  Fellows  Scholarship  to  attend  … Read moreEp 17: Men Have a Voice (Part 5)

Another One Podcast Interviews Khadijah RBz

Declare It with Khadijah RBz

The team from the Another One podcast talks with Khadijah RBz about Declare It and they share her introduction episode with their listeners. With the launch of Declare It with Khadijah RBz, join their conversation, laugh a little, and find out how her podcast came to be and what she desires for the podcast. Another … Read moreAnother One Podcast Interviews Khadijah RBz