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Improving Gut Health – Decide!


Gut health begins with one decision – do what it takes to be whole, completely. In their book, The inside tract: Your good gut guide to great digestive health, Mullin & Swift said, “Treat the gut and you treat the illness. Heal the gut and you heal yourself. Maintain balance in the gut and you balance your body, mind, and spirit–and vice versa. Ignore your gut and the balance of your health is compromised. Your body spirals down into illness is a relatively definable set of stages”.

Being mindful of the food one eats and how it makes them feel is a step in the direction of good gut health and well being. Learning how to use food as medicine for the body, instead of medicine to quiet what the body is saying can allow the first and second brain (in the head and in the gut) to function succinctly and bring other organs into alignment.


Mullin, G. E., & Swift, K. M. (2011). The inside tract: Your good gut guide to great digestive health. New York, NY: Rodale.


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