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Khadijah RBz Thankful

Coach the Coach

I am showing up for Khadijah… and when my game improves the game of those connected to me improves.


Sometimes you HAVE to step out of the matrix, turn off all the noise and distractions, and tune in to the voice within. I recently challenged myself to live 24 hours in silence…

Trash Can on the side of the street with Khadijahs face on it

You are NOT a Trash Can

When we accept the lies people tell us about ourselves or eat foods that hold no life value, we are treating our selves like nothing more than a wastebasket, settling for the droppings we find along the way.

Well-BEing Wednesday: Water your Goodness

Please know, the benefits of water are not limited to what it can do on a physical level but it has the ability to provide emotional and spiritual support. GOD can and does use all of creation to bless us…