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Coach the Coach

Khadijah RBz Thankful

Even a coach needs a coach. We are all in this game of LIFE desiring to get championship rings. And while we may know some plays and have moves that have worked in the past, LIFE is ever-evolving. Sometimes we have to approach the game with something different. Something new. We’ve got to think and move faster. Hence, the need to allow someone else to offer some pointers.

The other day I allowed myself to be coached and it was the BEST thing I could have done for ME. I have so many take-aways from the ‘strategy session’ that will be and already have been helpful to me as a person AND a business. Often we miss coaching opportunities because we are busy coaching others or simply afraid of the vulnerability being coached can bring. In this season, I am here for all that GOD has for me and if that means I have to do things a little different, then so be it, because I am worth it.

For years I have been busy playing various positions for others and in this season, I am showing up for Khadijah. Not selfishly. But so I can be all that I am meant to be. When my game improves the game of those connected to me improves. So taking the time to work on me supports me and those around me.

I share this to encourage you to take time to be coached (or mentored). Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, it makes you stronger. Trust yourself and be willing to invest in what will help you grow into your best self. Book a meditation session with Khadijah RBz and trust that the experience will be worth the investment because it is for your greatest good. Looking to expand your business? Connect with a mentor and respect their time and knowledge – you will be better because of it. Investing in you will yield a dynamic return, believe that!

We can all benefit from a good coach ;).

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