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The world is so busy.

Everything is so loud.

There are distraction every! where!

Sometimes you HAVE to step out of the matrix, turn off all the noise and distractions, and tune in to the voice within.

I recently challenged myself to live 24 hours in silence (reference this post for why). I powered off my phone, did not talk or make intentional noise, and removed myself from the loudness of my surroundings. During this time I meditated multiple times with one session being 50 minutes but feeling like 5, I journaled, read, and allowed my body to rest. I was able to flow creatively and hear clearly. At first I wanted to reach for my phone, out of habit, I wanted to play some music or listen to a podcast (like DECLARE IT with Khadijah RBz) but I reminded myself there is beauty in silence, when you press in to it.

I completed 32 hours of silence (goal exceeded). I connected with ME on a different level and I am better because of it. During the time of silence, I also committed to dry fasting (no water, no food, no shower, just DRY)… so essentially I was pushing ME past ME on many fronts. My new year, I promise, is going to be amazing!

8/02 I am coming. Imma show up ready, willing, and able to receive all the good you have for me.

Now is a great time to book your meditation experience with me. So much clarity, calm, and collectedness flowing – get some! Book via the shop tab, while you are here go ahead and join my 15 day journaling challenge, it starts on the 15th and will be for your best 💛

Thank you for reading and being connected.

with LOVE + kindness,

Khadijah RBz

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