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I Eat Rabbit Food

There is nothing like a good salad. Salads can be filling. And no salad has to be the same.

Personally, when it comes to a salad, I love to keep it simple and easy — just throw all the good stuff in a bowl and eat it.

Salads should be like a building and have a strong foundation – gimmie all the leaves and pile them high.

A good base can include KALE, red cabbage, some arugula and / or watercress, with some herbs like cilantro and or parsley (great liver support and antioxidant).

Then top the base with all the colorful, living goodness you can stand. I am talking cucumbers, sprouts, beets, radish, peppers, onions, raisins, sunflower kernels, pepitas, hummus, apples, pears, grapes, oranges, olives and red pepper flakes. You do not have to put all this stuff on one salad but these are some great options. Refrain from meat and dairy but load up on colorful veggies and fruit.

Don’t over think vegan / plant-based eating and listen to your body it will tell you what it NEEDS (not what YOU want!).

See some of my salads and ingredients below –

This base includes kale and spinach (heavy on the kale).

I call this the KRBz Liver Loving Salad – red cabbage, beets, radish, kale, apples, olives, cilantro drizzled with oil and vinegar.  








The other day, the hubbzzzz asked for a salad with chik’n, so a salad with faux chik’n is what he got. I prepared a base of kale, peppers, onion, cucumber, tomatoes, raisins, olives then drizzled vinaigrette and topped with Boca Chik’n VEGAN Patty. I do not add faux meat to salads often because I do not want to take away from the goodness of the ingredients but for this meal I hooked the fam up. 

If you follow me on IG (and you should) and you watch my stories (you should) then you know that I am always throwing goodness in a bowl. It is so easy, delicious and filling. Salads do not have to be boring, drizzled with ranch and weighted with cheese. Step out and do something different – be creative, your body will thank you! 

4 thoughts on “I Eat Rabbit Food”

  1. Yummmm!!! I love a good salad. I also like how you break down the foods that are necessary for the liver and so forth. Great knowledge here. Thank you Dr Khadijah.

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