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The Child Within

Sweet Girl

This sweet girl. So innocent and carefree.

Longing to be accepted.

Wanting to be heard.

Yearning for love.

She is the reason inner-child work has been essential to my healing and growth. Inner-child work allows us to connect to the little boy or girl within, helping us to uncover some of the reasons for our adult fears, complexities and life patterns. Once we are able to recognize them healing and transformation can take place for our greatest good.

So… I am healing for her. I am leaning into the discomfort of facing traumas buried long ago, for her freedom. She deserves to live a life of joy. So I face the hurt in order to get stronger… for her. I am committed to extending grace and forgiveness to myself because GRACE is sufficient, even for her.

This sweet girl had big hopes and dreams. She envisioned so much for herself. I am going to support her as she goes after all that is in her heart. She deserves my LOVE and I am thankful for hers.

In my next post I will go into more detail about the purpose of inner child work.

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