Meet Parita

March is National Women’s History Month. During this month we have the opportunity to intentionally and purposefully share the issues AND successes of women. While it would be awesome if this was done daily, let’s choose to be deliberate this month. Today we are celebrating — PARITA!

Me + Meditation

Chronic stress is what led me to meditate on a serious level. I had an awareness of meditation; however, I was led to believe it was a woo-woo practice for those who were not ‘saved’ by GOD. I am so thankful that I did not allow this untruth to hold me hostage to a condition that was killing me softly.

Goodbye 2019 – Welcome 2020

Here we goooooo! It is December 31st… the last day of 2019, and while that is exciting enough, it is also the last day of a decade. However, this fact has so many people feeling various emotions — excitement, sadness, fear, even numbness and anger. I am choosing to walk into 2020 with GREAT EXPECTATION. … Read moreGoodbye 2019 – Welcome 2020