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Sit With Me for a Moment

Khadijah RBz

Over the last few years I have learned a lot about myself. I mean so freakin’ much!

I have discovered many strengths and come face-to-face with some weaknesses. I tasted freedom from certain people, situations, and events, as well as, recognized the smothering of other people, situations, and events.

I have healed, I am healing, and I heal.

I have let go of plenty of things that no longer serve me. Some of which has been easy and some not so much.

For example: Letting go of relationships that I valued deeply has been the most challenging. I have truly learned to cheer from a distance, to LOVE from afar, and to forgive independently. I have cried because friendships I thought were solid crumbled with one huff & puff.

Nevertheless, in the midst of the tears and an empty space in my heart, I was able to look up and SEE that I was surrounded by so much more. Oftentimes, we focus heavily on what we don’t have and miss ALL that we do have. Kinda like missing the forest for the trees.

TRUST that I am stronger due to what I let go of. I am wiser because of what I have taken from all that no longer serves me. I am at peace knowing I will be a blessing to the next person thanks to what I was able to walk through.

Do I miss some of these people or situations? I would be lying if I said I did not BUT I cannot and will not force something to be. If it is meant, it shall; if it ain’t it won’t and either way I will continue to thrive.

I do not write this post in sadness rather extreme joy knowing that all things are as they should be. All is well.

Prayer and meditation have been my anchor. Visualization and writing has been allowed me to say what I needed to say, holding nothing within. And LOVE has supported me through it all. We all need an outlet – a way to release in order to grow and these are outlets that have helped me immensely.

Have you ever had to let go of people? Situations? Jobs? Friendships or relationships? How did you feel walking that out? Tell me in the comments.

For all that was and all that will be, I am thankful.

And to you, yep YOU — I love you.

Quote: I let go of people I wanted to keep around forever. To me, that’s become my biggest strength if you know me, you’ll know my heart’s big and my love’s unconditional. If I let you go, it was for reasons that don’t need explanation, other than it wasn’t me. It was you. — Unknown

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