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Goodbye 2019 – Welcome 2020

Here we goooooo!

It is December 31st… the last day of 2019, and while that is exciting enough, it is also the last day of a decade. However, this fact has so many people feeling various emotions — excitement, sadness, fear, even numbness and anger.

I am choosing to walk into 2020 with GREAT EXPECTATION. In addition, I am choosing to refrain from reflecting with regret, disdain or negativity. I am hope-filled and ready.

Ready because I have elected to abstain from the pressure we put on ourselves to make plans and set goals that do not align with our true selves. Ex: So many resolve to go to the gym or try a new fad diet, without mentally preparing for success and only end up frustrated and quit. Maybe instead of setting a goal to change ourselves, we should commit to learning to LOVE ourselves. In learning to LOVE ourselves we can take steps and make moves that support self-LOVE. Learning to LOVE you will lead to healthy living, eating and thinking… it is inevitable.

Some may ask — Khadijah, what are some ways I can show myself LOVE?

  1. Drink water. When you are hydrated your body functions better, you think clearer, and it is a simple & easy thing to do.
  2. Sleep. In 2020 KNOW, it is okay to rest. As a matter-of-fact it is a GREAT thing to rest. I am not sure where this ‘sleep when you die’ mentality came from but that ain’t it chief. When you sleep your body is able to renew itself, your organs are able to do their job without being interrupted and your conscious mind can take a rest.
  3. Eat more fruit and veggies. Minimize animal intact. No explanation needed.
  4. Meditate. Want to know why? Read this.
  5. Make a small promise to yourself each week and keep it. Show up for you with the same excitement and duty that you show up for others. Be committed to supporting you at all times.

These are simple steps that can make a huge difference. The aforementioned acts are small but they can AND WILL have lasting effects.

In closing out this year, I would like to say THANK YOU and I APPRECIATE YOU! Stick with me because 2020 is going to allow Khadijah RBz to offer some great things which will support your healing, growth and expansion.

I LOVE you and give thanks for you.

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