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Meet Khaliyah

Share your career and / or business. I am a senior graphic designer at my family branding company called DYNAMIKWORKS.

Why did you choose to take on this role, career path, or business? What is your driving force? I chose this career path because I’m very talented (or so I’d like to think) at design and knowing what looks good and doesn’t. It’s easy for me to put together images from someone’s words or ideas that they want to use for themselves as representation of themselves/brand. My driving force really is just looking good and good quality. Seeing something that had such potential to be great really makes me cringe.

When things get tough in your career / business, what keep you going?What keeps me going is food. I really like to eat and I have to be able to support that.

Share with us one woman who has had a positive impact on your life (Who is she? How did she impact you? Does she know? If not, shout her out!) One woman that has impacted me is my mom. She knows it. She’s impacted my life in every way, so I can’t only say one. Shoutout to my mom, it’s guaranteed that she will read this.

What one piece of advice has been most influential to you? “I am always taken care of. Everything works out for my good.” — This has been the advice that’s getting me through just about everything.

If someone wants to contact you, how can they do so? You are always more than welcome to follow my social media: @lovekhaliyah or you can email me: [email protected]

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