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Meet Khaiyah

Share your career and / or business. I’m a video editor and illustrator at DynamikWorks a multimedia branding company.

Why did you choose to take on this role, career path, or business? What is your driving force? I decided to be a video editor because of my love for the visual arts. I enjoy watching people watch my creations. To see all of the emotions you can draw out from simply storytelling is a truly beautiful thing. My driving force is continue to spread love and joy in everything I create and share with others.

When things get tough in your career / business, what keep you going?When things get tough, inspiration keeps me going. Seeing other people live out their respective dreams and try new things and just being exactly what they want to be in their space motivates me to continue to do the same in mine. 

Share with us one woman who has had a positive impact on your life (Who is she? How did she impact you? Does she know? If not, shout her out!) Other than of course my mother and my sister being positive impacts on my life, one of my teachers from high school had an immense positive impact on my life. Her name was Carly and she was my English teacher. We spent a lot of time together outside of class because she was my poetry coach when I competed in poetry competitions yearly and she was also a coach when I played soccer. Just being around her and having her always tell me to be myself and that would be more than enough. Or to just trust myself because I already have the answers inside was super helpful at such an impressionable age. I don’t know if she knows she had such an impact on me now and I don’t have any way to get in contact with her because she’s moved! Maybe one day she’ll know, haha.

What one piece of advice has been most influential to you? One piece of advice that has been most influential to me is that there is that the only thing we all can know is that we know nothing. It takes a huge amount of pressure off of us as people because we’re no longer trying to be something we’re clearly not. We don’t have to try to make people believe we are better than we are or know more than we do because none of us know anything. Now we all can relax.

If someone wants to contact you, how can they do so? If anyone wants to contact me they can email my DynamikWorks email: [email protected] or follow me on Instagram: hello_khaiyah 

One more thing, I love what you’re doing and you’ll be blessed immensely for it for shedding light on women in such a positive light!

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