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Meditation and Mantra Monday: My Gift to YOU

Today, is a special day throughout the world. Many are spending time with loved ones and friends as they celebrate Christmas. Over the last few days I have spent countless moments being proud of myself and patting myself on the back. We can easily express to others our excitement for something they have accomplished. But how often do we celebrate ourselves and feel the emotion of being genuinely happy for our self? I am so elated that I continue to grow here, there, and everywhere.

The decision for my family to become global nomads was not entirely easy. There were (and still are) moments of frustration and lots of questions – of ourselves and GOD. However, we have learned to be content and maintain peace in whatever state we are in, wherever we find ourselves. I have discovered peace on the mountains of Costa Rica and serenity in a busy airport. All that I need I have within. So whether the conditions around me are perfect or imperfect, the perfection I need I can easily tap into for direction and self-discovery. I am evolving and growing daily. I (WE) have been planted here in the earth for a time such as this and I (WE) thrive wherever I am (WE ARE). My time in Costa Rica gave me the ability to experience this freedom and it is a part of who I am, no matter where I am.

So my gift to you today is another meditation and mantra. May it bless you as it has blessed me.

Mantra: I thrive wherever I am.

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