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Happy New Calendar Year

Today, the page flipped and we have begun a new calendar year. People have pushed the reset button on their goals, while others are penning theirs for the first time. Wherever you find yourself, resetting or establishing, take it one day at a time and show yourself grace. Mistakes happen, we miss a day and then want to throw the whole goal out but don’t fret – you’ve got this.

When you are setting what you want to see in this new calendar year, be intentional. Take time out to sit and hear your heart speak.

What is in you heart to do?
What would you like to see come to fruition for you and your family?

You have been given the power to create. And whether you do it purposefully or not, you are contributing to your future each day through your thoughts a

nd your words. So use this time that the world uses as a ‘start-over’ to start-over.


Make note of a BIG goal you have and then break it down into little goals. Revisit your goals daily to keep them in your heart and and on your mind. When opportunities begin to show up that align with your goals you know you are moving in the right direction.

Write it.
Speak it.
Believe it.
See it.

Stay connected to your HEART and let HOLY SPIRIT guide you to the TRUTH of what is yours. Let your mind be blown as you write the goals, work them and achieve them. Then share with me so I can celebrate with you!

Much LOVE – khadijahrbz ‘

2 thoughts on “Happy New Calendar Year”

  1. Thanks for the encouragement! My BIG goal is opening my Salon this year. My little goals are finishing the business plan, getting funding, building a team, etc.

    1. You are more than welcome! Thank you for reading and commenting. I pray that your heart’s desires will manifest, as you make them clear and work toward them. I am excited for you and all that lies ahead. Doors will open – be ready!!

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