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Well-BEing Wednesday: Why I Meditate

The world can be so loud and extremely busy. If we let it, society will consume our minds – chewing it up and spitting it out. I have learned that taking moments to be still, get quiet and breathe are helpful in keeping me grounded and not getting consumed by the craziness of all that is around us. When I first started meditating, I was not clear as to what I should be doing. My mind seemed to be all over the place and I was sure I was not meditating correctly. But what I have discovered is there is not a right or wrong way to meditate. When we begin to put parameters on our meditation time, we set ourselves up for a negative experience and we end up beating ourselves up and there goes the benefits of meditating.

Meditation is simply the act of thoughtless awareness (yea, go figure). You don’t meditate to think, you meditate to free your mind of thoughts. If you are meditating and a thought comes into your mind, you acknowledge the thought and let it go. You don’t dwell on the thought, just let it pass. Focusing on my breath helped me initially because it gave me the ability to focus on something – my breath. So I would inhale and exhale, counting each breath until 10 and starting over. I would set a timer, at first, for one minute, then two and on up to five minutes. As meditation became easier, I explored other methods / options and this practice has become a wonderful part of my life.

I enjoy diffusing essential oils while meditating or if diffusing isn’t readily available simply inhaling an oil, then enjoying the mental escape.

Benefits of meditation for me:

  • Stress reduction
  • Mental clarity
  • Improved concentration
  • Inner peace and personal acceptance

If you would like more information about meditation or would like to have a meditation session, feel free to schedule some time – it’s what I am here for. Let’s journey together into complete well-BEing – mind, body and spirit.


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