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Ep 7: Declare It with Khadijah RBz and Guest – Velma Mack

Declare It with Khadijah RBz and Guest Velma Mack

Guest: Velma Mack describes herself as a woman filled with raw emotion, passion, zeal and straight forwardness. She says she can be moody, standoffish, secluded, introverted, callous and often times mean but also loving, friendly, silly, talkative, happy and supportive. Yes, all this is in ONE woman and we are declaring the second half of the sentence 😉 Velma is a writer, has two daughters, and is on a journey of self-discovery.

Connect / IG: _velmamack_ / Twitter: _velmamack_

This podcast was created because our words have power and knowing this Declare It with Khadijah RBz will endeavor to educate, encourage and empower its listeners to use words that support the life they want to live and be who they are to the fullest. IG: @declareitpodcast

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