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Meditation and Mantra Monday: My Gift to YOU

As many are celebrating and sharing gifts, I have a gift for you. May this gift be a blessing to you, as it has been a blessing to me.

Meditation and Mantra Monday: Love and Support

Today, we are doing things a little different 🙂 Find a quiet spot and check out the audio for today. Enjoy!

Well-BEing Wednesday: Why I Meditate

Meditation is simply the act of thoughtless awareness. You don’t meditate to think, you meditate to free your mind of thoughts.

Meditation and Mantra Monday: I Am Responsible…

Ever stood back and looked around you and thought – WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON? Have you ever said – How did I get to this place? Why is there so much going on here? Where did all this craziness come from?

Who is Better than You, Boo?!!

There may be some who try but none will succeed because they are them, they are not YOU.