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Speak Up

boy whispering to mom

One of the best things that we can do for ourselves is learn to speak our truth, in love. Often we are taught as kids to be quiet or what we have to say is of no value. This transfers into adulthood and we become ‘grown ups’ who do not speak up until it is too late. This is not fair to ourselves or those around us.

I am not sure why we get so afraid to share our truth. Or why we feel it is a SIN to share with others when something does not suit us, as if their feelings matter more than our own. How is it we get so caught up in caring for someone else and their feelings but do not tend to ourselves and how we feel — pushing back the words that will free us in an effort to allow someone else to soar.

This is not about flipping out and going off the rails, this is about being honest about the things that matter. Anyone can go off about something but not everyone can share the truth about how they feel… and that is the root we all need to get to. If someone dear to you does something that is uncomfortable for you, why not share that with them. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing, should you re-evaluate the dynamics of the space that you share? I ask because, we all have feelings and most people do not feel the exact same way about a thing. Especially, if we consider various perspectives, experience and knowledge. Sharing our truth opens the door for growth and understanding from a different vantage point.

When it comes to communication, leaving people to guess how you feel leads to stress. Share your feelings openly and leave no room for the game of ‘fill in the blanks’. The lack of honest communication will take out a relationship… fast.

Speak up, even if your voice shakes 😉

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