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Meditation and Mantra Monday

Happy Monday! This is the start to an amazing week, aren’t you excited?! If not, you should be because there are so many GREAT things awaiting you.

I know, it is so easy to get caught up in feeling like on Sunday evenings all you have to look forward to is ‘a case of the Mondays’ – as depicted in the movie Office Space. But there is so more on the other side of the weekend.

Today, is a such a wonderful day to be alive.
It is a day that you have never lived.
A day that you have never seen and will not see again.
For that reason this day and this week will be your best yet. It doesn’t matter what happens, today is your best day and this week is your best week.
No doubt about it.

Each Monday I will be sharing a meditation or a mantra (or maybe both since you’re favored (^_^) )  for your enjoyment, encouragement and edification. If a meditation is posted you will give yourself 2-3 minutes to be still, listen and breathe. When a mantra is posted you will repeat aloud throughout your day and say it in the mirror as a reminder of its TRUTH. (Essentially, a mantra or affirmation is simply a truth statement.)

Mantra: Today is going to be a really, really GREAT day leading to an AWESOME week.

Now GO and have a GREAT day.

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