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Dear Martin – My Thoughts

Dear Martin by Nic Stone is a book I ‘stumbled’ upon looking for books on my Libby app (an app for library e-books and audiobooks). I was searching for and adding books to my shelf for on-the-go reading, saw the cover and thought, hmm, what is this about. The summary intrigued me, so I requested it. Unfortunately, there was a billion-week wait time so honestly, I forgot about the book. Fast forward to some weeks, maybe even a month or two, I was in the library saw the book, checked it out and I have been telling people to read it since.

This is a fiction piece. Specifically, a young adult fiction novel. (I enjoy reading. Genres don’t matter – for the most part.)

In Dear Martin, the reader is introduced to Justyce McAllister. Justyce is a teenager with friends. He has goals, fears, desires, and hopes like so many other teens. But unlike many teens his life is turned upside down after one life-changing encounter with a police officer. It is amazing the domino effect that takes place when we make decisions. Stone does an absolutely phenomenal job taking the reader through a roller coaster of emotions that the characters may have felt, while inviting you to walk in the shoes of another human and encouraging us to close the book with new lenses in which to view life.

As, I have noted before I will never give the story away because I want you to read and feel through your own heart and eyes but I love a good book and will always share when I read one.

Thank you to Nic Stone for this read, may all who read your book be better because they (we) shared in this amazing story.

Have you read this book before? Share your thoughts below. If not, will you 😉 ? You should.


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