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the session calmed me in ways i had not been able to do myself. being assisted by khadijah who knew exactly what she was doing and was able to take a space and create an atmosphere of tranquility in only 30 minutes was exactly what i needed.

there was no chanting, no over the top crazy stuff at all. it was breathing, stillness, allowing me to become one with the rhythm of my own breath and freedom to recognize where my body is and what’s going on with my body. the ability to notice where tension was and focus on those areas to release that pressure. there was a moment where i felt emotions coming up that i had not been ready to deal with. this reminded me how much i needed this and that i was thankful for the ability to make myself step out and trust another individual with my personal space.


my sessions with khadijah have been life changing. while preparing for major surgery, i was able to learn how to use the practice of intentional breathing to get through one of my most challenging times. i find myself quoting the affirmations that khadijah has given me throughout my day. she is a true inspiration and i am encouraged to find a deeper meaning in the life that i live everyday.


working out is something that we all want to do, but most of us very rarely do it! i have sought khadijah as a friend/trainer/workout buddy and coach many times over the years. even on days i just had no motivation she was able to get me to dig deep, fight hard and give it my all. these sessions left me tired, yes, but more so than that, feeling empowered and as if i could conquer the world. her meal plans and advice showed me healthy, easy and affordable options to accompany the workouts. khadijah has a true desire for health and wellness that shows in her ability to teach others to love being the healthiest version of themselves as possible. she is definitely one of the best!!!!


where do i begin…. from around late 2007 to mid 2017 i had the pleasure of having access to one of the worlds most sought after health and wellness coaches, the gutchic, khadijah barber. khadijah has always had a wealth of knowledge that she shared with me whenever i asked. whether it was in person or via a quick text message she made sure that she gave me the best thing for me individually. the first being her hot toddy soup that she made me when i had what i believe was the flu. i messaged her and she met me outside her home in the cold when i got off work that night…. as time evolved, so did khadijah. she began to incorporate physical fitness coaching as well one on one gut health. during this time i was introduced to essential oils and all of their great benefits. even though i stopped and started my journey many many many times, that was always a no judgment zone with khadijah. khadijah also assisted me in my pescatarian/vegetarian journey. she even did a trip with me to whole foods to pick out some staples for my family as well as getting me addicted to their vegetarian peanut butter cookies😂😂😂 needless to say i am very thankful for khadijah and the role that she has played in my life, and her passion to make sure that our bodies are well…. from the inside out!!!


i am so grateful to have khadijah in my life. she is not just concerned about the outward but her goal is to make sure that you are good holistically. i shared with her some of my goals health wise; and in turn, my goals became hers. she tailor-made a plan for me and actively participated in my journey to wholeness. my doctor told me i was going to have to take blood pressure medication but with the help of khadijah, implementing a reasonable exercise regimen and personalized meal plan suggestions, i was able to regulate my blood pressure in a 2 month timespan. she helped me see that my life was mine for the taking and change can occur once i had a made up mind. forever grateful!


i’ve had the opportunity to engage with khadijah in an advisory and an occupational setting. she is full of love, positive energy, and committed to doing whatever she is able to do for anyone in need. she embodies a wealth of knowledge. she upholds an attitude that lacks judgement. she is inseparable from her honesty. her genuineness is a rarity. her understanding of holistic well-being proves that she is a credible force for advocating wellness.


but when we met up it was great to have you walk through some exercises and check my form as well as give me a template of what dong sets looked liked. i also loved that you encouraged to find my reasons for fitness and look beyond just the cosmetics of it. even now i try to refocus my brain on how strengthening *this* part of my body could help me in different areas of my life. and the workout you gave me was simple but effective. i could do it thirty minutes and i didn’t have to feel stressed into thinking i had to do this extensive workout everyday and try to remember lots of different moves. it covered each part of my body and the repetition helped me focus more on the power of my movements, the form and my energy vs. the number moves themselves.


Khadijah RBz was amazing and I appreciated how empowering her guided meditation was. I would love to make this a regular part of my lifestyle.


The meditation was exactly what I was looking for! I appreciated the opportunity to set an intention before we started, and the chance to continue the practice for as long as I needed afterwards.


Thank you soo much for the amazing mediation session. It was powerful! At the conclusion, when I opened my eyes I felt such peace and tranquillity. I told my husband how amazing you are and he wants to book a session, so I’m going to gift it to him.


The session was beautiful and the perfect way to get back to a place of positivity and mindfulness after doing a bit of spiralling over the week. It helped to get refocused and remind myself that this too shall pass. The writing at the beginning and the end was also very helpful.


I thought the session went very well. I look forward to scheduling another.


I’ve been holding sessions for a year and a half with Khadijah once a month, sometimes twice. Once I started connecting with her …I quickly saw a shift in my mindset, my spirit, my reactions and responses. I can honestly say that I was a person of little patience…or as I would call it, the foolery or game playing when it came to dealing with others. I have learned to create healthy boundaries, not allow others to control/dictate my personal space or peace of mind. I am still a work in progress…however, I continue to love on and put myself first more and more each day. I respect Khadijah’s honesty. Her calm tone and spirit, clear guidance and useful suggestions all make her a great person to be in this field…she is truly passionate and loves guiding others to be the greatest version of themselves. Meditation apps/audios are cool…I use those too, however, when you have someone who can guide and talk you through breaking things down, pulling up those roots and dumping the junk in the trash…it makes the experience more personalized and customized to what you are going through. I truly appreciate you and your gift Khadijah! Please continue to stay true and authentic. Thank you! XO