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This Hurts

‘The cure for the pain is in the pain.’ – Rumi What the heck is Rumi tryna say? We often we want to skip the ‘feel the pain’ part when it comes to healing but the pain is what leads us to where we find healing. Walk and talk with me for a moment.

Let’s say you wake up one morning and feel a pain in your toe. You realize that in addition to pain, your toe is bruised. You take a moment to try and figure out what happened and recall that you stubbed it last night while going to the bathroom. Upon further inspection you notice it is swollen also. You can now use that information to determine how to heal your toe — ice it, wrap it, get an x-ray, etc… Without the pain you would not have realized there was a problem. Now, that you have felt the pain and identified it, you have to determine a course of action for healing. If you choose to ice the toe, guess what, there is going to be a little pain and discomfort as you allow the ice to sit on your toe. You may even have to take the ice off for a moment but you will put it back because you know it is helping you. It is a part of the process.

It is the same way working through emotional and even spiritual pain. You see the pain, acknowledge it and work through it. It is not easy. It is not always comfortable but it is neccessary because the process leads to freedom. So trust the process. Feel the feels, even as uncomfortable as it may feel. Know that the knowledge and strength you gain from the process will help you to make it through future pain, a tad bit easier.

My prayer for anyone who was to walk this out is:

May you have the strength needed to persevere during the process. May you have the courage to face the pain, the will to acknowledge it and learn from it and the peace to release it with love.

During the process be sure to give thanks for what was, celebrate what will be, all while enjoying where you are now. If you need to be guided through the process with meditation and / or breathwork, reach out. Let’s work through this!

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