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The Beauty of Being Unique

I am grateful that our Creator is not a manufacturer of duplicity, rather originality. It is great to know when putting thought into ALL of creation there were distinctions given to all things. No leaf or snowflake is ever the same, there are different spots on each leopard and the countless variations of the human species, is beautiful. These differences allow us to sit back in awe of how GREAT and mindful Yahweh is.

As a parent I am able to see uniqueness at its best. I have three children. Same mother. Same father. Growing up with both parents. Same rules and privileges. Same foods. So many similarities, yet three different beings. Three beautifully, different, individuals. Three varied personalities. Three unique ones.

Unfortunately, we tend to forget about the beauty of being unique when we look at others and realize they do not look like us, think like us, feel like us, eat like us, and so on. Their unique nature is no longer beautiful, instead irritating because they are not how we want or think they should be.

Throughout my life I have always fallen on the side of different, not quite ‘fitting in’ – whether it was middle school only wearing skirts and dresses, or high school taking care of a sibling who had been hit by a car, or becoming a parent and marrying while my friends were in college, or even at this stage in life choosing to be mindful of what I eat and how I elect to live and think. It is very interesting the responses I get to leading a plant-based life or when I tell someone that I pray AND meditate [not sure why this is weird, shouldn’t every one do this?]. These things which may be different than the ‘norm’ are what make me the person I am. The friend you have chosen. The co-worker who shares in the weight of the workload. The sister. The daughter. The mommy. The wife. The beautifully, unique one who adds life and love to this world – the same as you.


You, too, are unique in some way. There is something about you that sets you apart from your neighbor, your family member, your friend. Embrace what makes you special. More importantly embrace what makes those around you unique. Don’t judge them or isolate them, authentically embrace them understanding that you, too, are different to someone and that is beautiful.

BE Beautifully Unique.
BE Beautifully YOU. ‘

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