Well-BEing Wednesday: Essential Oils and Emotions, The Holiday Edition

It is always a pleasure sharing information that can be used in helping you be your best self. Mentally and emotionally, throughout the year, it is my desire to see you balanced and healthy because that contributes to your well-BEing.


Recently, I completed a class on Facebook about hormones and essential oils and wanted to share the information with my awesome readers 🙂 You know how much I love information but even more sharing it, so that WE ALL can benefit from the application of the knowledge. Below you will find the graphics and info … Read moreHELP! HAYWIRE HORMONES!!

Let it Go

How in the world does one go from having closets, dressers, baskets, and shelves to having ONE book bag, ONE carry-on suitcase and a COMMUNAL bag for five people. Well, this is the feat we are undertaking and it is proving to be an arduous task. We have sold, given away and thrown away so much, yet there still seems to be more. 

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Spread Your Wings and Fly

Today, I sat down at work and realized – this will be the last Monday I walk through that door, sit at this desk and log in to work.
The last Monday I will hear about a case of the ‘Mondays” and how the weekend wasn’t long enough.
Today, marks the ending of so many things, yet the beginning of so much more. 

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