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be the change

Ep 32: You Asked, I’m Answering: A Moment of Transparency

There are so many feelings running through me but I think the one that is the most prominent in this moment is exhaustion. When something (or someone) hurts you over and over and over… you just get tired.

This podcast episode is not a vent session. It is  a delve into a repeated question and some alternative options for white people who want to know what they can do.  

Ep 29: Change with Carolyn

Change is inevitable. It is the tide and flow of LIFE.
No breath we take is the same. We close our eyes and open them and something about what we see has changed. The only thing that is constant is change and in this episode Carolyn shares her story and offers suggestions for handling change with kindness being the leading mode of support.

‘With every change, pace yourself and be kind [to yourself and others].’ — Carolyn