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Get Somewhere and ‘SAT’ Down

Did you ever have a family member or loved one tell you to ‘get somewhere and sat down‘? You know when you were a child, running around, getting into stuff or just doing the absolute most. As adults, I think we need that same loved one to repeat those same words because it is easy for us to get caught up doing the ABSOLUTE most yet nothing at all.

I understand — we have so many deadlines, so many dreams to accomplish and it all has to be done ahora (now). Our to-do lists get longer and the time available in our day seems less and less. Each day we run ourselves until we are overworked, burnt out and unable to accomplish much of anything. But we keep going. Living on the exhaust fumes of better days.

Please know, I appreciate discipline and I am a fan of perseverance but not at the expense of one’s health and well-being. It is okay to rest. It is beneficial for us to take time and appreciate all that we do each day to achieve success (big and small). Don’t wait until you have reached the point of being exhausted, take moments every day to ‘get somewhere and sat down’. 

Sit down and meditate.

Sit down and give thanks.

Sit down and pray.

Sit down and inhale, exhale for 60 seconds.

Sit down for five minutes and do nothing, not even think.

You can find five minutes to just be still – it is a form of self-care.

The deadlines will still be there. The goals, the to-do lists, all that… the key is for YOU be all you can to complete them. So I am your loved one – GO SAT DOWN, for five minutes. ‘

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