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Generous Love – A Review

Thank you to Bethany House for the free copy of Generous Love by Becky Kopitzke that I received – I am excited to share with you my thoughts. First and foremost, reading this book on the tail-end of the #GOGIVELOVE initiative was confirmation that traveling the US to give back and BE the goodness and love we want to see, was meant to happen for TeamBz. For details regarding this initiative visit and you will see how this book and our real life events align.

Generous Love is a book filled with literal love. In this book, Becky Kopitzke, shares stories of people who selflessly give to others, provides examples of how to demonstrate generosity and lists scriptures that support unconditional kindness. Reading through the pages I was drawn into the many ways that people are able to be goodness to others when intentional. Becky writes as if she is chatting with a friend and then ends each conversation (chapter) with action items, after summarizing the anecdotes discussed. If you are feeling compelled to step outside of your comfort zone to be graciousness throughout the earth this is a GREAT read, encouraging and guiding readers to be light and love. Read this book with an open heart and mind, try some of the suggested ways to demonstrate love and watch your world change. 

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