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Ep 38: I am the Fruit GOODNESS with Colandra

We continue with our series: I AM FRUIT and discuss the characteristic of GOODNESS. Goodness is being morally good or virtuous. Today we talk about what happens when you share goodness, yet your life takes an unexpected turn down a road you would have never imagined. Join us as we talk with Colandra, the creator of Another Brown Face.

In August 2018, Colandra’s life changed when she was diagnosed with Triple Positive Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer. While journeying through the stages of recovery, Colandra wanted to see herself in someone who understood what she was dealing with but there were not many places that offered what she was seeking at the time — hence the creation of Another Brown Face. Connect with Colandra on Instagram: @colasings  Twitter: ColaMcDowell

DECLARE IT with Khadijah RBz on Instagram: @declareitpodcast.

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