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Ep 10: Declare It with Khadijah RBz and Guest – Kim Rich

Declare it with Khadijah RBz and Guest Kim Rich

Guest: Kim Rich is the author of This blog is used to share personal stories on her experiences while being a mom, wife and any other crazy things that happen along the way. She’s a mom to two toddlers, Caleb (4) and Kelsey (1) and has been married to her husband Joshua for almost 7 years. She currently resides in FL and works as an Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff for a large leadership company and while she LOVES her career, she loves to write about her life experiences just as much. Through her blog she hopes to share things that not only make you laugh but, also make you think and eventually get you to the place that maybe you, too, will want to share your experiences and help those around you.

Blog: / Facebook: @therichwyfe / IG: @therichwyfe

This podcast was created because our words have power and knowing this Declare It with Khadijah RBz will endeavor to educate, encourage and empower its listeners to use words that support the life they want to live and be who they are to the fullest. IG: @declareitpodcast.

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