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Free Friday

On Fridays, Khadijah RBz, will address various topics – it is FREE!

Khadijah RBz

Sit With Me for a Moment

…TRUST that I am stronger due to what I let go of. I am wiser because of what I have taken from all that no longer serves me. I am at peace knowing I will be a blessing to the next person thanks to what I was able to walk through.

Khadijah RBz in White Chair

Open Letter

I love you and I value who you are. I appreciate your efforts to impact the space you are in and the goodness you give with grace. You are extra-ordinary.

Run Your Race

The Marathon will continue but we ALL must run our race — get in position, take a deep breath and run well, friends. Run well.

Free Friday: What are YOU Reading?

The smell of a book, the feel of the pages, the escape the words bring whether reading fiction or non-fiction is E-VER-Y-THING.