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Bra Support

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Ladies, (fella be advised) there is nothing like a good bra. Knowing that our ta-tas are being held up well, the straps aren’t slicing our shoulders, and the leakage of side boob is comfortably tucked – is a wonderful thing. Whether you are an A-cup or a triple D, if your bra is comfortable and UPHOLDS ya, that is LOVE.

Bras are like a good friend – they hold you close, lift you up, and give you support. But bras, like a good friend come in various forms — you’ve got push-up bras, sports bras, strapless bras, nursing bras, and on, and on, so many kinds with various purposes. If we keep this ideal in mind when it comes to friendships, could we walk a little more confident in our relationships? Knowing that friends look and feel different person to person but still serve a purpose, could we appreciate the variances a little more?

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Some bras last for years, others not so much. Some friends are by your side foreva, eva and others, well, they are here today and gone tomorrow. Either way, it is okay. The bra and your friend served their purpose. The key is to know when to let go and when to hold on; when to patch it up and when to count it as a done deal. For instance that bra with the underwire that pokes you all day but you keep holding on because it is part of a sexy set, let it go — it is okay. The underwire is not going to be the same, regardless of how far you push it back in. And that one friend that instinctively knows when you need to talk, reaches out to check on you, encourage you and speak well over you, your hopes and dreams — keep that friend close, that support is priceless. Know that a sports bra is going to support you differently than a push-up and a Snapchat friend may show up differently than your childhood BFF (good or bad, on either side — I have made some friends via social media and they are real deal).

Ultimately your friends should add value to who you are, as you should to them — kinda like a good bra can make a fitted shirt look like a million bucks OR a raggedy hot mess. A good friend, HOPEFULLY, holds you close, lifts you up, and gives you support when needed – just like a good ole’ bra.

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May we be a good bra and have good bras.

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