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A$$ You Assume

My mom used to say that when you assume, you make an a$$ of yourself. As a young one, I did not totally understand that; however, LIFE has a way of teaching lessons that words alone don’t.

Let it Go

How in the world does one go from having closets, dressers, baskets, and shelves to having ONE book bag, ONE carry-on suitcase and a COMMUNAL bag for five people. Well, this is the feat we are undertaking and it is proving to be an arduous task. We have sold, given away and thrown away so much, yet there still seems to be more. Read More »Let it Go

The FACTS of My Life…

Moving is never an easy task. And condensing your life to a suitcase and a carryon is definitely a feat. Yet, I think more challenging than those, is the realization that relationships will be left behind as you journey forward. Read More »The FACTS of My Life…