Ep 14: Men Have a Voice (Part 2) Rich Bz

Rich Bz shares his voice and discusses building a business, being a metaphor and winning. Today is his day of birth, so celebrate him by listening to this episode and connecting.

Ep 13: Men Have a Voice (Part 1)

Nathaniel Brown has over 30 years of living the lies, pushing the boundaries, shelving belief systems and coming into his own identity. Nathaniel is intently focused on empowering you to Raise Your Vibrations, Shift Your Mindset, Heal Your Life and Change Your World. Connect with Nathaniel on IG: @thisfunctionalwellness or e-mail: [email protected]

Ep 12: Men Have a Voice – Happy Father’s Day

Men Have a Voice

Often men get left out of the conversation regarding what they believe for themselves, their families, their careers, and we want to talk about it on DECLARE IT — just in time for Father’s Day.

Ep 8: Declare It with Khadijah RBz and Guest – Dr. Alisha Cornell

DECLARE IT with Khadijah RBz and Guest Dr. Alisha Cornell

Dr. Alisha Cornell DNP, MSN, RN is an expert clinical consultant who has fought battles with anxiety, over-thinking, and lack of self-care. In this episode, she freely shares how she is overcoming and living her best life.